How To EASILY Fortify Your Wordpress Powered Websites To The Point That They Are Virtually Impossible To Hack!

If You Run Any Websites On The Highly Popular Wordpress Platform Then You're A "Sitting Duck" For Hackers And Your Business Could Be Brought To Its Knees At ANY Time. You Need To Protect Yourself And This Informative Step-By-Step Guide Will Show You Just How To Do It!

The Bottom Line: Web security is one of the most prominent online topics of today. Everyone is scared of losing their sites that they have poured their soul into, to some low-life hacker. And they should be. People get hacked more than they have lunches these days.

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Tuesday 10:37am

RE: Securing Your Wordpress Blog From "Scum" Who Wreak Havoc!

Recently I've received more and more cries for help from my blog readers and newsletter subscribers after their Wordpress blogs have fallen victim to hackers. It's not a nice thing for anyone to have to deal with. Unfortunately though, it's happening all too often... but the more unfortunate part about the whole thing is that it's almost totally preventable!

Given the rise in this type of hacking, I thought it was time for me to turn my attention to developing a guide on how to protect your Wordpress sites from one of the most prevalent attacks currently being experienced on the Internet.

You see:

Your Wordpress installation is a ticking timebomb - eventually it
will explode and you'll be left with a TERRIBLE mess to clean up...
And more often than not the instigator of that explosion is a hacker.

Just imagine waking up one morning and firing up your web browser to do a bit of work on your Wordpress Blog and being greeted by this:

Wordpress Blog Hacked
The above image is of Firefox blocking a site with malicious content!


Or even worse.... this:

My Wordpress blog has been hacked!

Just imagine if that was YOUR site.
It happens far more often than most people would have you believe.

Most people think that hackers only go after high-profile sites or those run by famous people or companies. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, because the larger high-profile sites are usually more aware of any security flaws, hackers tend to focus their attention on smaller sites.

Most of the time hackers want to hijack the money you are making from your site, your customer base or to exploit the web hosting you are running on. You see, hackers need web resources to do their job and there is no way they are going to buy any. What they will do instead is steal your valuable resources!

My comprehensive guide will show you how to significantly improve the security of your Wordpress empire. It's almost impossible to keep up with every potential threat but you can easily do a great deal to make it extremely difficult for hackers - so much so, that they'll more than likely MOVE ON to target someone elses site!

Introducing Wordpress Lockdown:

The only guide of its kind that teaches you, step-by-step, how to secure your Wordpress 3.x Empire from hackers and how to recover from web disasters.

Inside you’ll discover

  • Why you need to secure your blog.
  • How to secure your own computer and how that contributes to your blog’s security.
  • What makes an appropriate web host.
  • The secure way to install a WordPress blog.
  • How to securely update a live blog.
  • What information you need to keep private.
  • How to secure your MySQL database.
  • Common sense security measures people take for granted.
  • How to back up your security efforts.
  • Ways to prevent your blog from comment spam.
  • What to do when you’ve been hacked.
  • Resources for additional help.

As soon as you've placed your order, you'll receive the complete 88 page guide which includes over 75 full color screenshots, and is packed with tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials to take you from a regular wordpress blogger to one that understands the attack surface of their site and locked all the doors into their empire TIGHT.

Remember, this is a one of a kind book that we've had written by a security professional.

Wordpress Lockdown targets Wordpress 3.x specifically, however the general principles and practices are applicable to all versions of Wordpress. Besides, as you will learn from this book, why the heck would you be running an older version of Wordpress anyway?

Packed with critical security information and strategies, this guide provides you with the information you need to secure your blog and keep it secured.

It contains a no-bones-about-it approach to securing a WordPress blog with specific tools and some damn good reasons for using them. I decided to publish this information in an effort to answer some hard questions about what WordPress security means, with it requires, what it looks like, and how it functions.

We're now witnessing an increase of abuse with this particular blog platform at a phenomenal level, which is annoyingly frustrating because we know this abuse could be prevented. It is therefore, my sincerest hope that you will read this guide, follow its suggestions, and essentially do your part to improve the quality of blogging that we all seek from the Internet.

As Internet Marketers we spend a lot of time worrying about search engine rankings, link building and traffic. Unfortunately, there is not often time to think about the security aspects of operating in one of the most hostile business environments on the planet. Often times, our minds only turn to these topics when we have actually been hacked and our precious income earning sites have been hijacked or destroyed.

Worst of all, compromised websites are quickly noticed by search engines and are either de-indexed or have their ranking severely penalized - don't let this happen to you!

Wordpress Lockdown is for those who already know blogging basics, but want to make their blog(s) a secure and spam free Internet phenomenon.

It's true that this guide does not cover every conceivable aspect of Wordpress security nor does it cover everything there is to know about cyber security in general - in order to cover this subject in depth we'd need many millions of pages indeed!

What it does do however, is pick out those security principles and practices related to the Wordpress platform that provide the best bang for the buck, or the best security and piece of mind for your blogging empire for the least application of effort and time, and explain them in a direct and no-nonsense way so that they can be applied most readily. The techniques discussed in this guide are tried and true, used by countless professionals around the planet - and used by myself as well - to improve the security of their Wordpress sites.

Every Minute You Wait Is Another Minute That You Leave Your
Valuable Web Assets Exposed To The Potential Threat Of Hackers!

It's Like Leaving Your Car With The Key In The Door.... It's Only
A Matter Of Time Before Someone Takes Advantage Of It...

If you paid someone to secure a single blog properly, you'd probably be looking at $50 or more. And that's just for a SINGLE BLOG. When you purchase Wordpress Lockdown today for the crazy low price of just $17, you can secure as many of your Wordpress sites as you wish and you'll only ever pay that one-off low price. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank plus you'll sleep a lot easier knowing that you're much less likely to wake up in the morning and find your web business has virtually been wiped out overnight!

My Personal Guarantee To You!


I promise that you'll be thrilled to get your hands on this comprehensive report and that you'll be able to easily secure your Wordpress installations when you complete the step-by-step methods outlined in Wordpress Lockdown. If you encounter any difficulties, please do contact me and I'll do my best to help.

Here's to your peace of mind!

Aaron Leighton

Aaron Leighton

P.S. Please don't let disaster strike BEFORE you secure your Wordpress sites. For the paltry one-off price of Wordpress Lockdown, you'd be mad to play "Russian Roulette" by leaving your sites unsecured. Without implementing the security procedures outlined in this guide, "it's not a matter of if (your sites will be hacked) but when!"

Order your copy of Wordpress Lockdown today.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to accurately represent this product, we cannot guarantee that your blog will NEVER fall victim to hackers. What we can guarantee though is that we'll help you to make it extremely difficult for your Wordpress sites to be hacked and therefore substantially reduce the risk of your sites becoming a target to hackers. Since hackers are constantly evolving and coming up with new methods to take advantage of security vulnerabilities, we can in no way be held liable in the event of an attack on your sites. In summary though, using the methods outlined in this guide to secure your Wordpress sites will make you more secure than probably 95% of the Wordpress user community - so your risk after implementing the security fixes will be extremely low.